(Multiplayer) How to make an event happen to one object in a group, instead of the event happening to the whole group

Title Explains everything.

That doesn’t explain everything. Do you have events to show?

I haven’t played with multi-player. Is object picking different with it?

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Everytime I press the shoot button on either of the windows used for testing multiplayer, pellets come from both the players, which for a multiplayer game, isn’t good. Is there a way to make it that pellets come out of only one player, while still using the group event?

The extra details should help. Not me though because I haven’t used multiplayer but it will help.
Good luck.

Edit have you read this

Under “Alt Controls” if object is owned by player then do those as sub events. This lets only themselves move.

You have to set up some way to tell apart player 1 and 2 so you can assign the correct owners for the previous code. You can copy the code under “Spawning” then the first bit of code under “Owners” (not the sub events). Don’t forget to add a player number object var.
Just replace some parameters and names so it fits your game.

I got it working, but I ran into a new issue. The pellets will only be shown on the screen if shot from the Host.

Ok, I followed some of the event in your screenshots. How did you set up “ArrowBar.PlayerNumber”?

I FORGET, make sure in the same event where you spawn your players you, right under giving them there Player.PlayerNumber var you gotta say: Change the player owning the player character to Play.PlayerNumber.