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Hello Gdevelop community! :grin:

I’ve been working for a few weeks on a multiplayer game but for the last few days I can’t display a table of the people connected to the game.

Do you know how to display the names of different players on the same stage? Knowing that the game is always multi-player.

I have difficulties with these multiplayer events… :sweat_smile:

You will find here the screenshot of my different scenes

Thank you in advance for your different answers :heart_eyes:

Don’t know alot about muliplayer in GDevelop. But, these links might help you. One is to the wiki page and other is to a video by TheGemDev

Link to the video:

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Thanks for these links, most of them I have already studied them… :sunglasses:
I am still trying to solve my problem :sweat:

Have you looked at the peer 2 peer example. It has an basic system set up.

im am not entirely sure what you do there.
why do you “”+GVS(Nom_Joureur)? instead of just the variable?

Then tell us, what exactly does not work?

i see this:
NJtxt is empy = aller =1
Aller = 1 NJtxt = GVS(NJ)
NJtxt is not empty aller =2
aller = 2 NJ2txt = GVS(NJ)
etc, means both, and the following will have the same name.

have a look at my playerspecific setup:

What you need to do is, send the name string via an event to the other player and make it a variable.
maybe you should setup a broker player (host), who will store the names of all players and give them an order p1/p2/p3 etc. and then sends all the names to the players.