Multiplayer players controller each other{solved}

I’m attempting to make a multiplayer fps using PANDAKO’s multiplayer extension, as well as his 3d extension. I’ve used it in the past and make a great multiplayer platformer. However, due to the nature of the 3d game, I decided to not use the top down behavior I would usually use. All works well, until a second player joins. Then, the first player gets shoved really hard, and then the first player will control the movement of the the second player, and vice versa. I’ll upload a recording if I figure out how.

Could you turn this into a feature?

Or anyway you might consider making a copy of this project as it stands so later when you fix it, you won’t forget how you were doing it wrong to make it do this.

Got it, will do, as I’m still scratching my head.

i just recoded the whole thing, and it worked, so idk