Multiplayer with lobby?

How I’d go for making multiplayer with lobby, e.g. like in Hedgewars? I know I’d need server app, but I’m not good at all in network programming. Is it possible to make said server app in GD?

You will need a Windows server to make it run.
Plus a good knowlegde of TCP/IP programming.
Might be easier to build a php lobby, with an auto-refresh of the page, since GD will open the browser anyway to initiate the dialog. But then again, you will need PHP/MySQL experience to make it functionnal.
Plus the issue of logging-off players, bad ping, low bandwidth, hacking threats and so on.

Too much of an assle IMO.

I actually thought more of something that Minecraft Classic and Manic Digger use. Server stores only IPs, IDs, max no. of players and names of “game rooms”.

Then game client if it is in “hosting mode” sends its IP, game id, max player number and name of room using “heartbeat” mechanism (when game hosting starts game id is randomly generated and then only IP and no. of currently connected clients is updated - this way you can use it even if you have variable IP).

So “lobby” would be really only a gateway so you can easily select game without wondering if you got right IP or not - every other communication would happen between game “hoster” and players, as it normally would (with entering IPs).

The problem is to write proper gateway app. My knowledge in PHP is limited, so if anyone could help me, I’d share more details about how it would work.