Multiple collisions for a crowd. {SOLVED}

Hello everyone, I’m making a simple AI for ped’s similar to Syndicate (1993) or the first two parts of GTA. They are just hanging around, run away when they hear shots, etc.
But, unfortunately, I cannot find a solution regarding their collision. Isometric perspective requires two masks, one that will be used to collide with walls and other objects in the game such as this:

And the second one, which is needed to collide with the player’s bullets, something like this:

The only way to do something like this in Gdevelop at the moment is to create a separate object for the second collision for each character, but I can’t figure out how, since there are more than 20 characters in the scene, some of them should appear randomly. or only under certain conditions. Moreover, if it turns out to somehow create and bind a collision object to each character in the scene, how to check that the hit was made on a specific character? I seem to be completely confused … Do you have any ideas?

Well, I found a very simple solution - using points, they can be used as a simplified collision mask.
I needed the peds to choose a random direction of movement every 15 seconds, and also change it when they hit a wall.

For the collision with the wall, I made 4 points replicating the desired collision mask:

If any of this points touches a wall / impassable zone, it pushes the character slightly away from the wall (Otherwise, they get stuck in the walls, spin in one place or jump over them, “Separate” also won’t work), then ped changes the direction of his movement.
And to hit them with bullets, you can use the usual collision mask without the need to create additional objects.

As far as I know, people have been asking to add independent collision masks for a single object for a very long time, any information on that?

Repeat for each character NPC:
At the beginning of the scene
Create Hitbox at NPC.X() and NPC.Y()
Link Hitbox with NPC
Change the Position of Hitbox to NPC.X() and NPC.Y()

Doing something like this may do the trick. But it might not, because I don’t know much about linking.