Multiple on-screen Laser Rays

Hello, I want to know how lasers are made, many on the screen at the same time, an example would be the things that appear in the battle of sans, or the mecha koopas that launch lightning in mario maker 2. Gdevelop 5.

You can make lasers using the shape painter, I think. Check out the wiki. :slight_smile:
Or you can use a red line sprite, and adjust position, size, angle as you wish.

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Hi…i referred to some notes and by following that i observed that the pixelized screen is what i think an after-effect from the power outage, he didn’t have biter alarm on during the flash. I had this too, until it froze the system. There can be multiple flashes like that, it’s like something broke in graphics earlier on. Some might think a little of them is harmless. I always built enough accumulators and power gen after realizing the bug and never encountered it again though.

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