Multitouch for multitouch joystick for two sticks to work depending on which side of screen touch was made

I was able to add to Sprite multitouch joystick extension dragging
Which allows you to drag joystick if it is pressed and you move thumb outside of joystick border

But i also want to add snapping
Which snaps joystick center to touch position if it is made outside of joystick border
And works pretty good on PC for mouse

Left joystick for movement right for angle of of fire and firing

Events in MTJ group are enabled for above link
Events in MTJ Touch group are enabled for link below

But for whatever reason works terribly for touch with disabling following mouse cursor with touches (try on mobile device)

It is as if it ignores current touch X position or whatever i do in events
I did try to put events from extension in DoPostEvents but it did not change anything

Both links use this in extension

At this point i am not sure i went correct way cause what you see below red comments is added by my (i simply copied what was above to check if touch was made outside of joy)

If someone have better idea of implementing it
Or can point me into right direction or explain why events from events sheet are ignored i would be grateful

(just as side note i went as far as setting left joy identifier to 1 and right to 2
Then use that conditions + touch x position is less/greater than camera x INSIDE extension conditions and they were also ignored)

If someone care to try it out
Zip contains project (not mine) + SpriteMultitouchJoystick extension modified inside project folder