MultiTouches interfere with each other (SOLVED)

I have made multi multi touch input but when I press bullets button it interferes (my plane goes left) with touch pad (movement for plane)
I have based multitouch on - if collision between pointer and object ( button for bullets, rockets, hamburger menu, touch pad)

is there a way not to interfere (not pull my plane to the left) ??

Screenshot game

Why are you using MouseX() and MouseY() while you’re using multi touch?

Your first set of events, that second condition is met is any of the pointers aren’t in collision with the ring. So you can have a touch on a button, and a touch on the ring, and the one on the button will meet the not in collision with ring condition, setting the variable active to false.

Also, can yo show the events that moves the plane? The events you have so far don’t show what happens.

this is for constant moving up

and this is for movement

game is a vertically scrolling shoot em up

what should I do
for that condition that you mentioned ?
but problem is that plane moves a little to the left even if thumb (one pointer) is on ring pad

Another question - what is the shape of ring2, and what area of the screen does it cover?

collision mask is default square
player plane is bellow tool-tip of ring2

I have solved the problem. I used the plugin (behavior) MultiTouchJoystic and I must say its great.