Music On Android doesnt stop when minimize the game

How do I…
stop or pause the music of the game when minimize the game On Android.

When i open the game and the music starts then press the home button to switch between apps, the game is moved to the background, It doesn’t appear on the screen, but the music still running in the background.

i want the music to stop and when return to the game it runs back.

If you are trying to minimize the game, Use the one I pointed with a blue arrow to pause the music in the channel and the one I pointed with a red arrow to play if not minimized

It will look like this:

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it works on desktop or web based game but not on android

Well, I do not really know about android


Hiya, I have played some Android games that do that all the time, and some other games that do that once in awhile. But my own GDevelop Android games never seem to do that. When I lock the phone the music stops, when I hit the home button it stops, if I send them to the background it stops. I believe I use play sound on channel for everything. Music and sounds. Is it the same for yours?

Edit when I say “stops” I mean literally just pauses and the music is in the same place when I come back. And when I say “channel” I mean I play every single thing on it’s own channel.

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Thank you, It Works when i use Play music on channel :clap::clap::clap:

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