Music on Android export cuts halfway


I am fairly new at using gdevelop and I am encountering problems with the BGM after exporting to android.

It was intended for the BGM to play after the player pressed the start button.

I used the play music on channel command and set it to loop. In the preview the BGM plays the entire music and loops properly. Even when I export it to Android the BGM plays.However, it stops halfway before the entire music is played and then starts playing from the beginning again. I am using an .OGG file for the BGM.

I was wondering if anyone has an idea how to make the music loop properly in the export.

Hi, welcome.
I don’t have any problems with looping background music on Android. I use play sound on a channel for it. Not sure if that might be different than play music on channel but I seem to think I read somewhere to use play sound instead. Also I always open the developer tools in the preview to check for sound errors like “cannot continue playing non-existent sound on channel 888” so I can make sure to correct my sound events. I wonder could it be the length of your file? Or any events conflicting?



Thank you for your reply.

I double checked again and yes there are two different commands for play music on channel and play sound on channel. I tried changing the command and it works properly now. Thank you very much for the help

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