My animations don't work

Hi, i’m french and i’m a debutante on GDevlop.

When I try to add animations on my object, it’s doesn’t work (see this tuto at 8:58)
Tutoriel GDevelop - Découverte #01 - YouTube

When this guy click, his computer display the folder “resources” and he click on the name of his objects then he have all the animations.
But me when I click, i’m on “My project” and there are nothing.

I’m sorry about my spelling


He only has renamed his project and added resources to the project folder. (or you started an empty project and he the platformer example)
You can also add your graphics for animation there.
C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\GDevelop projects\My project
Or navigate in the opened file explorer wherever your resources are and then confirm GD should copy it into your project folder.

Oh yeah thankx.
Your solution don’t work but when i was try i have found how resolve my problem :sueur_sourire:

Thank for your help