MY character cant jump and move at the same time

Hello after i use the finite machine state at the example,my character cannot jump and move at the same time and idk what they mean about ( As you may have already noticed the player is currently acting a little different while in the air than with the default controls activated. This is because we currently have no active input in the “falling” state. So your task is to enable the player to move while he is in the falling state. Check if the movement keys are pressed and apply half of the usual movement force to the player.)

Hi, that’s normal, the tutorial wants you to figure that out yourself. Let’s think back on how you made the player move in the walking state - first the conditions check if left or right key is pressed, will set a “direction” variable; and then based on that variable it makes the player move. You can copy paste this into your falling state events.

The question, is, of course - how to make the “half speed” movement in air.
In the jumping state, you put an event to change PlatformerObject’s maximum speed to half (e.g. 200), and when the player has landed change it to 400 again.

Hello i tried yours but it doesnt work i mean like run and jump at the same time + when i click left and immediately click right my movement is so weird and slow responsive . And i realise i can jump and walk at the same time when i disable the default control in the event but my character still slow responsive like when i jump and go left the character still face right side and after i click go left again and the character will turn left… help please

Maybe mine will serve you it moves when it jumps and it doesn’t move weird

Screenshot of the events related with the controls and movements would be useful to figure out where you went wrong

Thanks for the help but i have done that

I got the same problem you need to upgrade your keyboard for this at least 60$ in DKK it’s 309