My first Game - Android Platformer

You can use the actions for say to your coins “Hey after x time you can go to the next frame” and this for all yours objects called coin.

Are you adding the coins in the scene editor, or creating them with events?

If created in the scene editor they should be in sync, but you can check that they are all set to the same animation frame by clicking on each instance and looking at the bottom of the properties window. You could also force them all to the same animation frame in the “At beginning of the scene” event.

If you are creating them with events, then ones created at different times will often be out of sync, because they will be created with frame 0, but existing instances may be on any of the other frames. You could enforce synchronisation by first checking that another coin exists (check number of objects >0) , then use the select random object event and capture its current animation frame in a variable. Then create a new coin and set its animation frame using the variable.

Alternatively, you could create the new coin first, then use a “for each object” sub-event to set all coins (new and old) to animation frame zero to match it.

Some of these will look more glitchy than others.

Oh, and I recognise that player character sprite. :wink:

In the editor, but now I have tried adding with action, the same result.
I found out that the problem only exists if the X position is higher than 5231. Mysterious! :nerd:
Now I try your tips.

Yah is one of the best and famous freebies :slight_smile: unfortunately no source files included :unamused:

I have created a simple example.
The problem is not the absolute X position but the distance from Player Start to the coins. An action that set the frame to 1 or change the animation, works only if it is very close to the coins. (also not 100% perfect, some have a frame offset) If I run a bit away and come back, the animations are messed up again. (65.6 KB)

[size=120]That’s how it works now.[/size]

Okay now you can have a first look at my little game :slight_smile:

How can I toggle this?
At every key press, not automatically from 1 to 0 to 1 forever.

Here the same

[url]on/off Button for Background music] :wink:

[size=120]How can I change the ladder climbing speed?

Is there a way to make a pause-menu and GUI in all scenes?
Link external events is okay, but external layouts cannot work because you can only choose one scene. Do I have to copy/set as a global object and position each object individually in each scene? :o[/size]

Why the collision with the yellow bar does not work correctly here?
Even if I not use a rotation but an angle in scene editor, only higher up it works. Standard Hitboxes, no custom object sitze.
I think I had a similar problem in the past when I built a slide, sometimes(!!) the player fell down at 90% of the slide.

  • You cannot change the ladder climbing speed for now, unless you change the time scale.
  • yes, you can use external events and layouts in several scenes, the software asks for a reference scene but they aren’t limited to that reference scene.
  • can you show the relevant events and settings for that yellow bar issue?

Now I know what the problem is, but not the solution.
If I put the Center in Edit points from auto/auto (100/18.5) to 0/18.5 the collision works only in the first 50% of the bar.

I have two blocks that are deleted when the player touches them (jumping from below). It is possible to touch 2 (not more than 2) at the same time. But only one should be deleted. Unfortunately with these events both are always deleted at the same time.

have you tried to force value of variable to 1 or 0 and see what happens?
Maybe the problem is with variable, the code seems right to me
why not use an scene variable instead of object variable?

It doesn’t make sense to me but with Scene and Global variable, it works.
Also it’s weird you can use variables without creating them.

for me as a programmer it has sense like local and global variable.
In some programming languages you can use variable without declaring them, you need one you use it but it will lead to confusión I prefer declaring because mispelling a letter will create a new variable and tyou’ll get crazy until you find this error

Right now I’m trying to use Extension/Function for checkpoints in my game.
One of the problems is “Change the Position of para1: = tree.X(), = treeY()” does not work.
para1 is the player, but it is not allowed to use names of other objects?
My player appears at 0; 0 and not at the object.

For checkpoints I would prefer the usage of variables instead of objects position.

Hm. I use scene variable “checkpoint”.
If I die and she is 2, I want to telepot to the checkpoint instance with the instance-variable 2.
Outside of Functions it works.

edit: Okay I only need one parameter more for the target object and select it in normal action.

Ladder climbing speed can be changed, now. :slight_smile: