My game - A little about development

They worked fine for me.

Also, there is a noticeable slowdown when there are any enemies on the screen. The game runs faster when the enemies have been dispatched.

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This slowdown I noticed too! But I don’t know if it’s something from the server or from the build. Because enemies are only created in the current room, and deleted when leaving it. That is, entered the room, all enemies in the game are deleted, and only the enemies in the current room are created. Not overloading the game. I did this thinking seriously about the performance of the game.

But these are small things that I will fix until the final version

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Wow. This is a very cool and amazing game. It reminds me so much of my childhood. Great job.

If this is just your demo, I’m sure your final release will blow people away.

Keep up the great work.


Thanks, I got some feedback, and I fixed and improved a lot of things, the new demo is on the way. But it will still take a while, new implementations will come there!

You’re very welcome. No worries. Understood.

End users and movie watches usually think these things are done overnight. :slight_smile:

I’m sure your game will keep getting better and better. Looking forward to seeing it.

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Does it lag when you play it in preview mode?

Yes, it happens when I have more than 5 enemies on the screen!

edit: Look the video:

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I’d suggest you run it through the performance profiler, and see where the bottleneck is. Because 5 enemies is not many by a long shot.

You can also check out this link on how to debug poor performance.

Often I’ve found the biggest performance impactors are:

  • Sprite masks (note, this is not collision masks)
  • Lots of Repeat for Each Object
  • Layer effects
  • Objects not set as hidden that are always completely obscured by other objects.
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I think some things are wrong there.

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There are 2 percentage columns there. You’re highlighting the % of parent. Look at the % of total (right most column). So although PlatformerObject makes up 42.51% of the object (pre-events) time, it’s only taking up 3.13% of the overall game.

What is DEV ONLY - ALL SCALES? I suspect it’s a group, and if so, what does it do? It appears to be taking up 20% of the processing time.

Next I’d look at the External Events (taking up almost 40% of the time), particularly the FSM which is also taking up 20% of the processing time.

So look at the larger % of Total time figures, and see if you can reduce those.

dev Only

That woul dbe better placed in an "At the beginning of the scene" event. Though not sure why that would take up so much of the processing time.

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ok, I still don’t know what to do with my FSM (finite state machine) because I use it on my character, and also on my enemies. I could see that he is lagging in my game…

How many frames is each character’s animation?

For me, when I loaded too many frames (300 png’s) of animation for a sprite, my game lagged big time;however, the animation looked cool. :slight_smile:

Hey @RbetterKids

It depends, there are some that are 5 others 6, some don’t go beyond 3.

But the LAG issue I already fixed. I’m still going to make an update and post it here. Lots of new stuff and lots of improvements.

Another thing, when we export the game, the gameplay and frames increase. In fact, it’s better to play in the browser than in gDevelop itself. That’s because according to Arthuro, Gdevelop uses the old version of chrome that can cause certain problems, and that’s why when we export it is better.

Look here:

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Hi @willianholtz , Wow! Great to know and very happy that this issue has been resolved for you. :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

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New demo version coming soon.

Some highlights will be shown:

  • enemies
  • Character evolution
  • Item drops
  • Skill Collection
  • save
  • Areas available
  • Armor, weapons and items
  • And an intro with a Boss.

The base game is ready. But I’m still setting up the rooms that the Character will visit (which will be many) And finally, include all Bosses in the game and release for mass testing.

For investment reasons, I still have a lot of things to do in the game’s “environment” issue. If you are interested in learning more about the game and want to help, please contact me via PM.

For Brazilians: Se você é brasileiro e quer ajudar no projeto de alguma forma, favor entrar em contato por MP. Se souber mexer com Tiled e montar cenários do estilo metroidvania, será um ponto positivo.


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Wow, you get a pretty cool piece of work. Don’t give up on development by any means. I believe you will have a really great game.

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Thanks! The game is now 80% ready! What’s missing are some rooms with bosses! In which I’m having some problems with ideas…

Great information in this thread for me(a beginner). Thanks, everyone and Goodluck willianholtz :slight_smile:

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