My game got mentioned in 15+ websites around the world

Before I share with you this amazing news, you can Wishlist “Miko Adventures Puffball” on steam here


Now I’m so happy to share with you this news that my game “Miko Adventures Puffball” got mentioned in over 15 websites … around 18 websites at the moment and I can’t believe my eyes how amazing this is :heart:

It’s like a dream coming true :heart:

Here is some articles:

Also (I know this might be something small for some but it’s huge for me) but if you search on google “Miko Adventures Puffball” you can actually see it coming up in search and it’s on google like this, I know it might be because the game is on steam but man it feels so amazing just seeing it there :heart:

Now I don’t want to say everything that’s coming up but there is some AMAZING AND HUGE news coming very soon (in like a week from now) so make sure you don’t miss that :heart: :heart:
It’s going to be amazing probably for the whole Gdevelop community!!!

Thank you for being awesome and for always being here :heart:
Again, Wishlist from here … DESTROY THAT WISHLIST BUTTON :heart: :heart: :heart:


Glad to hear the game promotion is going good, maybe you can add a blog post here too

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Thanks a lot @UlisesFreitas and yeah I will add a blog about the game on the GDevelop blog very very soon.

Hell YES, man. So happy for you. That’s incredible. I knew that good things were coming your way. Been a long race, but seems like you’re pretty much at the final lap. Keep your head up and keep your eyes on the prize, my dude.


@bennich Thank you so much for such kind words, and for sure, it only gets better from here :heart:

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Congrats man, it’s great news to see games using this engine cut it in the big leagues!!! What kind of marketing did you do, or did you just list it on steam and then the websites picked up on it?

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@JohnnyMangoes Thank you so much, I’m doing all kinds of marketing whether it’s paid, reaching out or just having the game on steam and some people wrote about it and more…

Ah, good to know. Wish you all the best. Was it hard to publish to steam?

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@JohnnyMangoes Thanks a lot, hmm… Well not really but at the same time yes … There is some kind of a learning curve to it but once you understand how depots work and stuff like that, you get the hang of it but yeah there was some learning involved, plus paying the fee of course which was kinda hard for me but I managed to make it happen after some work.

Congrats man, really happy to hear your followed through and made a dream happen. Do let us know once the game goes live.

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@JohnnyMangoes Thank you so much :heart:
And for sure there will be a huge announcement when it’s out : )

Streamers reaction to an early copy of Miko Adventures Puffball

A huge thank you to (Ready Set Indie Games) and (Vera from GDWC) for trying out an early secret demo version of Miko Adventures Puffball :heart:

Watch their reaction here :grin::

Don’t forget to VOTE for Miko Adventures Puffball on GDWC here (be quick it’s going to end soon!!) let’s win this!!

And of course if you like the game and want to be notified when it’s out, don’t forget to Wishlist (this helps a ton):