My game is not showing up in games showcase

Hi, first let me say that I absolutely love Gdevelop and have so much fun with it.
Several weeks back I finally managed to publish my mini-game on Android. After that I sumbitted the game to the Gdevelop showcase via the google form. Nevertheless, it’s been like two weeks and I still can’t seem to find my game in “Gdevelop Games” menu. Could anyone from Gdevelop let me know what has happened to my game? I don’t know if it’s just a matter of time or if there was any problem with it. The game is caled “Crazy Run”.

Your game has not been reviewed yet, we are a bit behind as there are lots of submissions and we don’t have much time to review them. I’ll send you an email when the review of your game is done.

I’ve just reviewed Crazy Run, and sadly the game is not meeting the quality standards for the showcase. The goal of it is to showcase the best games made with GDevelop, not every game. Your game doesn’t have very good assets, nor does it have an interesting and high quality gameplay experience.

I see. Thanks for the answer. I thought that it was a place for all games. That does seem to be a bit discouraging for programming beginners like me though. Well, at least my students for which I created it have enjoyed the game.

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Don’t give up just asking what you can do to improve the game and maybe you can make those changes and try again.

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Don’t be discouraged. You can still make your game public via other means like

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