My GDdevelop Games

Hi everyone,
I would like to show a few things that I have created with GD in the last 3 years.
This post will be updated with a new game every few days or weeks. Each will be playable in the browser.
Tell me what you think but don’t bother too much with a feedback, bc I know that there is still a lot to do and not ready for the showcase. Unfortunately I like to start new concepts and stop it at 60% xD

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A Platformer and my first Gdevelop game.
No longer possible in the latest GD version, but this was my custom splash screen with progress bar.

Please also test the mobile browser version.
Non-dev testers had issues that I cannot reproduce, like control buttons disappear in the middle of the game.

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A small puzzle platformer that was part of Kenney Jam 2020.

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nice / but it is buggy

Never mind the buttons disappearing, the whole game has gone!

Panic over, it re-appeared.

@Pizza What exactly do you mean?
@MrMen Just bad timing, I uploaded an update at that moment👍
Game #2 added

edit: #3 & #4 added