My global variable isnt working

please am having issue creating an equipping system.
it works by selecting the items you need in a different scene and once you press a button the item is stored and the scene changes to the main scene. but nothing seems to work
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Are the images still loading or is there a problem? I don’t see the images.

i guess they didnt but they are in the comments now

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Is the object variable name a number or string. In this section it’s getting the value with
This gets the variable as a number and converts it to a string. If it’s not a number it will make it 0.

You might need

If the variables are setup or declared in the setup screen, you don’t need to use any of the Variable() expressions. You can use just the variable name. This applies to all variable types and their respective setup screens or tabs. (except in functions) instead of cards.Variable(name)

tried it but it still doesnt work. do you have another way

I can’t see anything. I don’t understand the for each card loop. Is card a group that contains the light# objects. IDK if the loop is necessary.

Are the storage events working. Are the variables changing. Did you check their values in the debugger?