My inventory box

how to make an item inventory like this
if you pick up an item in the overworld you get a dialogue that you got an item, then adds the item into the inventory, same with gold but the gold number increases. if you press z on the item, three options appear: “check”, “use” and “toss”, i also need to this inventory system to have healing system, equiping system which heightens your invisible stats, and the cellphone dialogue system, plus if you move to another scene, the items you got from the previous scene will still remain with you

I am sorry if i annoyed you all

I don’t know if people are annoyed. Im not. I think it’s just a lot to ask for in 1 question. People don’t always have the time or desire for complex questions. I can’t speak for anyone else but I want to help but this looks envolved. I like to explain how things work. I don’t always have the time or knowledge to help build complete inventory systems with all of your other requirements.

Start small. Get the user interface. Look for questions, examples, tutorials or videos on the subject. Try to incorporate those concepts. If you’re stuck then break the problem into pieces. Show your work. People want to help.

I think you’ll get quicker responses with easier to solve questions that include what you have so far. Then work on that part and get as far as you can. Then comeback with an update and what the issue is.

Build the interface. Is it going to be another layer, a different scene or an external layout?

How are you going to store the inventory? To work across scenes you would probably need a combination of either the inventory system or a global array and storage. I have very little experience with inventory.

When you decide on the system then figuire out how to add amd remove items. How to load and save it. How to check if an item exists. How to display the inventory.

Without something to go by, I have no idea what your knowledge or experience level with GDevelop is. I have no idea whether this involves the occasional pushing in the right direction or a more involved explaining of basic principles.

I mean no disrespect. None at all.

First, let’s begin with stats, defense and attack aren’t visible in the game, hp is just hangs above the inventory bar being a health bar