My json file will no longer open. Can I fix it?

So I’ve been working on a project since last year, but yesterday when I tried opening the projects json file, the loading circle froze and my PC fan basically went into overdrive. Gdevelop itself still works, and I have another json file of an earlier version of the same project which works just fine, but it doesn’t have everything that I’ve added in the past four months. In addition to this I still have all the Sprites from the latest version of the project.

I don’t know what could’ve triggered this change, but the day before I was using the Swipe extension by E1e5en and VictrisGames to create mobile controls, but I’ve had the Swipe extension in my project for weeks. I also considered that maybe my project was incompatible with the newer versions of Gdevelop, but that wouldn’t explain why the older json file still works.

Is there anyway I can reopen my newer file? If not I should be able to recreate what was lost if worst comes to worst using the older save, as most of those four months were me figuring out what works (I’m pretty new to creating and programming games), but it would be inconvenient considering I’ve been making headway recently and I’d like to figure out what went wrong and how I can avoid it in the future.

sorry for your loss…
I can’t recommend opening the game JSON file and comparing it to the older build to troubleshoot the problems

Have you tried manually selecting the autosave JSON from the project or is this not working either?

I’ve tried, that doesn’t work either.

Figured I’d ask anyone still reading this before I try it, but could restoring the JSON file to a previous version potentially work?

The backup system has been improved. From now on you should not have to deal with this kind of problem anymore.
If this is still the case and you have saved the project to the GDevelop cloud at some point, please contact a team member with your GDevelop username and the project name.