My Jump'n'Run needs YOUR help! $$$ Earning potential

Hello Community,I am Steffen and I am looking for a GDevelop expert.
I have been working with the programme for a few days and was amazed at how quickly one makes progress.
My goal is to build a simple jump’n’run game.
This has also worked out well, but in the meantime I need professional help with it.
Can anyone help me finish my game?
For a fee, of course.
Thank you very much!

What do you need ? I¡m not an expert but I made a plattorm game with points, lifes and some scenes.Maybe If I can help you, money is not important , this’s a community. Regards

Good morning,
Thank you very much for your answer.
I know that money is not a priority in a forum, but since I am looking for someone who might invest a lot of time in helping me, I wanted to mention it.
I’m from Germany and I’m building the game for my company.
We would like to make it available to customers.
Maybe you can send me your email address in a private message, then I can send you the link to the game. Then you can have a look at it.