My MiniLD entry - can someone compile it for Windows for me?

Can someone do it? I’d like it to be available on both major systems and I have only Linux.


Here is:

I recommend you try to check that does not have any compilation error or something like this.

It didn’t have any bugs either in compilation or in-game. Did it for you? Anyway, thanks much.

//edit: Did you do something to game’s code? Cause MyCrossSoft logo in main menu doesn’t fade in and out like it should.

//edit #2: Though when returning to menu from game after getting one of endings it fades. It work flawlessly on Linux (fades at start too) so I don’t know what’s cause unless game gdg file was modified. Don’t implying anything, though - for all I know it may be bug in wine as I used only that to test game.

Strange… In the Preview it works good, but then the logo doesn’t appear :confused:, the project load the extensions automatically… so I don’t know, we need another to compile it.

Hm… Sometimes (I think 33% of cases) it does as I re-ran game several times and it’s good sometimes.

Anyway, it’s not game-breaking bug so it went on my entry page as Windows version.