My "Player" runs by itself

Its the first time I ever make a game, and it was smooth so far. Its an ‘‘Endless up run’’ game or how it was called, and when I added a Main Menu with Credit and Play buttons, the character started running by itself. It might be a bug, I tried to reverese that but it keeps doing that. Help?

Have you tried the timer events? I think they might be helpful, though I don’t know because I haven’t dabbled with it myself.

Timer events? Ima see on youtube whats up with them. First time making a game and I spent a while to figure out some stuff. I managed to repair the game but I cant use a Main Menu

I would advise you try revisiting the events since this started after you added the main menu, credit and play buttons.

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I have somewhat solved the issue. I mainly wanted to add a Main Menu because the game has a sudden start. I fixed it, and the Player no longer runs by itself. I sadly cannot make a Main Menu for that specific game type but im ok with that. Thanks, though

I experienced the same problem back then, I fixed it by distinguishing the conditions ‘if the left mouse button released’ in the main menu scene and ‘if the left mouse button pressed’ in the gameplay scene.

Well I think you used the touch or left mouse button condition to switch scenes try using the mouse button released condition