My sound is coming out with Squeak.Can someone help me?

my sound and my music this with Squeak.
I just put the action to run the sound, without condition.
Can someone help me?
my (501 KB)

Because the action is launched every frame, you have to play the music only one time. For example, add an “At the beginning of the scene” condition; it seems there are some problems with the automatic browser refresh, if the problem persists, try clearing the cache (in the browser game tab, Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 depending on the browser) :slight_smile:

thanks, the problem is que the music plays only once.
even putting to repeat.
I tried to clear the cache and everything.
What should I do?
I tried in exe and also failed.

I’m testing it on Windows, the music is repeated in native, the problem here is the web version, what is your OS?

A workaround for the web repeat problem is playing the music again just after it ends (I know, it’s the definition of “repeat” :stuck_out_tongue: )

Note that the music is played in a channel (you can’t check if a specific music is stopped without a channel). And note that GD will not play the music again / repeat the music if the game tab is not the active one (GD will wait until you select the game tab to repeat the music through this way)

I invite you to write a bug report in the corresponding section, with all the nice info, your example file, etc. :slight_smile: