My video reward ad not showing

its been week or so , i have this programmed ,am i doing anything wrong here ,cant even see reward video ad in test mode or final published mode

i have made a game and publised in playstore but cant see my video reward add??? all other ads are showing but not video reward

is there any thing worng with my events

the prograaming here is simple , if video rewards is given go to menu if video reward not shown go to show interstitial add

I think the first and the last events could be the problem, on the event you set it to load the reward video, but in the conditions you set a reward video is loading condition well It would never fulfil the action because no reward video is loading based on the condition. Also consider an alternative to the last events to keep your work neat and tidy. :slight_smile:

“reward video loading” is for checking whether reward video is loading or not ,is it wrong ???

what would b alternative???

Have you follow the wiki page about admob ?

i follwed all steps from here , i feel all admobs arent explained welll

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In your screenshot, you say “If the reward video is loading … then load the reward video”. That’s not right, you need to load the reward video if it isn’t loading. Then in your last action you say “If the reward video is not loading … change the scene”. I’m not used to doing reward videos, but I guess you need something here that says “If the reward video has finished playing … change the scene”?

there is nothing like that called reward video load playing but here you can updated

It’s been mentioned before… Looks like [condition: Reward Video Loading] could be cancelling out the [action: Load Video] … I think it reads this as saying “If the reward video is loaded, then load the reward video”, or the other way around… “If the reward video is not loaded, then don’t load the reward video”. rew1

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is it right now anyone!!!

Based on the events in your screen shot, the cursor or touch must be on the load video before it checks if the video reward is given, and there is no way it would work, so it should not be a sub condition :slight_smile:

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