My Walking Duck animation refuses to play

How do I…

My platformer character has the ability to crouch/duck to go under some places. I already made it so the player can hold a button to crouch. The player can also walk while ducking. If you move while ducked, you move with a ducking walk animation.

What is the expected result

When I walk when crouching, a specific animation of crouch walking should play.

What is the actual result

However, my animation doesn’t play nor loop. It stays on the first frame, unlike the normal ducking. It looks weird how my character is frozen in place when moving.

Related screenshots

please help :frowning:

I think you need to add trigger once to those events. The animation only needs to be changed once per press. I think your events might be continually restarting the animation. I would check your other events as well and make sure if needed that they have trigger once as well. You want to minimize triggering events on every frame when possible.

As Keith said experiment with Trigger Once in the conditions.
Also try “Stop Animation of playr IdleDucking” as an action on the crouch-walk event, before you set the new RunDucking animation.
Last idea… try adding an OR statement in the Crouch-Walk event which will then say “If one these conditions is true”, then add Left and Right key presses within that statement.

I’m sorry for wasting your time. I had an extension enabled that automatically changed the anims which bugged out the crouching. You still helped me out with the trigger once, though. Thanks!

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It’s not a waste of time. Sometimes it takes another set of eyes.