Naming conventions

I’d like to know if GDevelop has any naming conventions, or if you guys have your own that you use?

For example, objects use UpperCamelCase, variables are lowercase_with_underscores, etc.

I’d like to find and stick to a convention, so open to suggestions!

I am not aware of any conventions to exist. Everyone naming their staff as they want.
4ian did mentioned once he prefer to see UpperCamelCase for objects in examples if you plan to share one.
But other than that I don’t know.

To be honest I don’t think it is matters too much since the events do mention if you are dealing with an object or scene or external event, scene or global variable or a function. It is not like object oriented programming where anything can be either a variable, method, property or object…etc so to help others reading the code you can use naming conventions. In GD the events are self explaining. In my opinion.

But considering we can use JS events, using the JS naming conventions makes more sense maybe.