Native Client Compiled

At open the native client ( .exe of game compiled ) and set to FullScreen, the game has black borders < > , how Fix it?

For example, at mu online has " .ODBC " files to fix the windows size of game

Black borders are added by the screen ( or the graphics card ), not by Game Develop. You can add an option in your game to change the size of the game’s window, offering the player the choice between different size so that it is more adapted to his screen.

And if i use a BG with a specific size, i need make a BG with others sizes to adjust to player size choise ?

Thanks a lot for the help, master

For the background, it depends: You can choose in the action changing the window size if you want the screen content to be resized to fill the screen, or if you want a bigger area to be displayed.

<3 4ian, i solve my problem, at control panel of NVIDIA i change scale of window to Full Screen, and now no has black border at full screen of my game.