Nearby cars colliding with each other

The collision of the cars near
When the car touches the other car from the side, the explosion occurs
I want when the cars overlap the collision happens
And not at the edges


Have you tried making the collision masks on the cars smaller?

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How did I not understand you

What @beanmatt means is to reduce the size of the car’s hitboxes .

From this (hitbox/collision mask is the red box):


Making the red box smaller allows the cars to overlap:


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Double click on the car in the Objects panel, then click on Edit Collision Mask. By default it’s set to cover the entire sprite, but you can make it whatever size/shape you want. You can manage the collision mask for each animation, and even each frame of each animation. When you have a Condition to detect a collision, it detects when the collision masks collide.

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@MrMen @beanmatt

Many thanks geniuses
I wish you success and happiness always :heart_eyes::+1:

The problem has been resolved