Need a condition to play an action for specially times

hello all
I made an action that a bomb down from a Zeppelin ( I want it to spit it for three times.
But it made it continuously . this is pic off events

And this is the event in the game

in the pic there is an arrow which place I want to put a condition to do the event without mouse pressing ( while the event of enemy playing) i tried a lot before coming here but really I failed.So any help of that condition

Variable bomb <= 3
timer is greater than 0.5 sec
and in the action
subtract 1 from variable bomb
reset timer

please somebody help

If you don’t want to use you own timers.
You can add an Extension named Repeat every X second
So do
Begin of the scene
variable bomb_times = 3
Then add an event

Every 0.5 second
if bomb_times >= 3
Drop the bomb as you like
bomb_times -= 1
Inmside as a subevent
if bomb_timer <=0
Action: bomb_timer = 3

So this way every 0.5 second the zeppelin is going to drop a bomb