Need a little help Performance testing my new game :) (Minecraft / Terraria style game)

Hey everyone!

I finally made the “In development” demo that people can have a look once in a while to see how the game is going.

Right now there isnt a whole lot to do other then drilling blocks, but i could really do with some performance testing!

Simply having a big world can really tank performance and make the game unplayable, so would you mind giving it a go and letting me know how was the FPS on your end?

Heres the game!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Had a fun little wander through a world. On my laptop, 2070 mobile gpu, i7 (turbo-boost disabled), runs fine but maxes me out at 48 fps because I have a 144 hertz monitor and v-sync will only allow games which are set to 60fps in settings to get a maximum of this value.

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Oh thank you! Ill be sure to set the max to 60fps, i didnt even consider that :smiley:

Thank you for giving it a test, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

It hums along at 60fps, full screen and normal.

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Thank you so much! :smiley:

It does well on my Core i3-1215u laptop with integrated graphics. 60-61 FPS.

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Thanks man! Im starting to think that there really is something wrong with my rig… no idea what tho…

I got 60-61 FPS The game’s smooth.

(My PC is quite good CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x GPU: RTX 2070 RAM: 16)

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Can you guys try again please?

I just made the world twice as big, wanna see how that impacts performance.

For me dropped from 60 to around 40s fps.

My machine is low end, I got 20/21/22.

Ryzen 3 3250u 4 GB ram

Building the world took about 10 minutes, I’m not sure if that’s expected or not.

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Yes it kinda was! Thank you so much for testing.

I made the world much bigger since everyone seemed to run it just fine.
Ill knock it down again to regular size.

Now i know i really do need to keep it on the smaller size :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Can you give it another try?

I knocked the world down back to 7.500 blocks.

It takes about 35secs to load on my rig, dont know the exact speccs but its an old i5 CPU, 8GBs Ram and a GTX 1650.

It runs at 60fps.

Im curious to see how much your performance increases :slight_smile:

Map creation took about a minute and the fps was bouncing around from 32 to 45

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That settles it then, ill just make smaller worlds.

Think ill make it like trove where instead of having one massive world, you can have smaller ones connect by portals and each one will be completely randomized, that should be pretty fun!

Thanks so much for your feedback, that was a huge help!

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Aye, that’s a lovely aesthetic ya got there! I’m really…digging it.

Ahem, aye, it runs at 48-49 fps, and when loading it did around 2% per second, so it runs very nicely at this moment in writing! This was done on 1st June.

I have an i5-11th gen processor and Geforce 3050 ti if that’s any help with what actually ran it haha. Keep it up! Looking great!

Thank you so much!!!

That was a massive help! Im guessing your either at 8GB RAM or above considering your graphics card?

This is nutts, this is exactly what i mean about GDevelop being horribly optimized for object handling.

Theres nothing going on in the world, no events running after the world is built, you should have no reason to go bellow 60fps.

There is quite literally nothing going on, its just 64x64 tiles with the Platform object and a Player with the Platformer Object behavior.

But simply having more than usual objects, in this case around 7500, is enough to kill games.

Your 11th Gen i5 and top end graphics is running about as well as a low end Ryzen 3 and 4 GB RAM.

Makes bugger all sense.

@spintron15 @Ulqiuo Can you guys give it one more try?

I just did some big changes to object culling, it should run smooth on a potato now! So im really curious about the results!

For me, the latency dropped from 13-14.00ms to 6.00ms, and i think i can do a bit better :smiley:

The world built in the range of 30 to 40 seconds and I was getting 60 fps but had some dips to 54. To provide a little more info, I’m running on Linux so that could add or subtract performance. I found what browser is used can make a difference. Things in Firefox run worse but not all the time, what browser do you normally use?

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My numbers were slightly better in Chrome, the dip was 57 and stayed more around 60 compared to Firefox.

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I mostly use chrome :slight_smile:

But thats one heck of a win!!

Before you were getting 30 FPS, now your up to 60 FPS! with some dips.

Id say thats an awesome improvement! Maybe i can do some more work on it :smiley:

But i think that might also be the peak, when i start adding more logic to the game, things are gonna slow down, specially if i increase the world size,

But 50 - 60 fos is way more playable than 20 - 30 fps :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your awesome feedback, it helps a ton!!