Need help figuring out how to do an advanced fighting game?

I was wondering how to do an advanced fighting game like street fighter but with a metroidvania feel I am trying to figure out how to do advanced ai for a computer based enemy ai system. and also wondering about doing a advanced menu like halo 3 menu but in a 2d sense with a play select screen that appears after the menu fades out? and possibly a street fighter dialogue system can anyone help or atleast give me advice and just to clarify I not implying you to do it for me? I want to learn it myself so I can further my gdevelop 5 prgramming skills

If you follow instructions from someone else you won’t improve your skills, it’s by figuring out by yourself even if it takes hours of trial and error that you will learn :wink: .

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I should say especially if it takes hours… and not only even!
it’s in doing errors and mistakes you’ll can improve your skill and it is true for every human activies.

I was considering doing a fighting game at some point too. After researching things for a while I realized accurate hitboxes are critical in a good fighting game for precision. And lots of different hitboxes for different areas of the character (feet, fists, head, body etc). The hitbox collision detection is going to be a big factor. For AI, you can approach it in a few different ways.
Weaker enemies = slower animations so that their attack takes longer to hit the target. They inflict less damage and they lose health quicker every time they’re hit. You can also decrease the chance of them randomly blocking attacks.

Stronger enemies = faster animations so that their attack is quicker to hit the target. Maybe they have bigger hitboxes for striking. Give them a wider range of attack (longer arms, legs). Make their movement speed faster. They inflict more damage, and take less punishment when hit. You can increase the chance of them randomly blocking attacks. Can give them more special moves which can break through a guard etc…

Adjust these factors (among others) to make the enemies get progressively more difficult.