need help for flappy bird clone

Hi guys, I’m new to game develop and I have read the tutorials in the wiki. And now I start to make a flappy clone as a beginning to practice.
When I press control I want to make my bird to fly up in 30 degree(angle) and when falling its degree is minus 30. Hope you guys can understand what I am saying and hope my calculation of the angle is not wrong.

The angles should be opposed :smiley: , from the wiki:

Adding a liitle, upward force (angle = -90, 0<damping<1) when Space is pressed and always add a “gravity” force at down-right (angle = 30, damping = 0) or add the gravity one time when scene starts with disipation = 1 could work.

EDIT: -the upward force (to fly up 30º) should be something like: 2sin(30pi/ 180)*gravity = gravity ¬¬
-a little damping as 0.01 works fine

Clickteam’s products have nice angle selector. Perhaps it could be copied to GD?

I have forgotten the trigonometry function, so I can’t understand the function you wrote. Should review my mathematics now XD
About the gravity, should I put 500? I don’t know how game develop count the gravity, but compare to the other game engine, game develop seems to need a little more higher value.
Another question is, what event and condition should I set. I can’t really understand the events explanation in game develop.

technically all you need to do is show that picture from the wiki in the engine at the appropriate time. :smiley:

Except in CT products, you have also little arrow that you can easily, visually set to specific angle.

that is too fancy :smiley:

Nothing is too fancy for GD.