Need Help for Saving Scores & Keeping the Screen full until turned off


I was trying to make that game save scores upon re-entering the game, But It doesn’t save the Scores/Progress when I test it in the preview. I’m probably not doing this correctly…


I also wanted to make the game not to automatically deactivate full screen without pressing a fullscreen button I made. So, Everytime I re-enter the scene (The “Opinions” scene) while Fullscreen activated, It deactivates fullscreen…

Your saving actions won’t get actioned because of the change scene immediately beforehand. The change scene will jump to the Opinions and Mode select scenes, and start running the events in those.

Fix this by placing the change scene after the data save.

So, You mean flip flopping these 2 actions, Or put them into a different scene?

Yes. Try it out instead of asking if you should do it.

In the “Change to scene Opinions” event are loading actions not saving actions.
If it should be loading and you are flipping it, they will be empty in the next scene because there are scene-varibals.

BTW, instead of taking a photo of your screen, press the Alt + Print Scrn keys to get a screen shot. It’ll be a lot clearer.

You’re Right. I should do that instead of taking a photo of my screen.

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