Need help in creating loop and changing the position of the cards

Hi there, I am creating a game on the GDevelop software, it’s a card game and the player have to choose the correct card as per the number shown on the screen. and this game cater the children and for that i want to create a logic where the position of the cards should be change when the player choose any card, I want to each level should be run at least 20times.
I have read the documentation and the forums with similar queries. but didn’t get leads.

here are the link of the game for your better understanding -

Any leads would be appreciated.

:wave: Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:
Can you be more specific about the issue you’re having?
If you want to shuffle the cards after a correct answer, toggle a boolean variable at that point to trigger the shuffle events.
For the shuffle itself, did you look at the Pairs cards example?
Pick a random card, pick a random placeholder, and place the card on it. Toggle a variable to set those elements as “used”, and repeat.