Need help in enemies spawning

I want to spawn some enemies from the top in a fixed scenes… It’s my first time so i don’t exactly know where to start but i try to do something :relaxed: but it sucks…

Have you tried to create the enemy objects at Y position -100?
Hard to give specific help if on your side, you don’t give specific information.

I am want to create a simple platformer …boss level
And want to spawn enimes from the top…like 3 to 4 enimes at time and then the main boss move from one side to another untill got damage
After then the boss respawn the 4-5 enimes

Show how you made the enemies appear. It looks like you don’t have the appearance condition set (timer or number of points for example)

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Yes there is no condition…i am just spwaning them
…can you help me with the condition … i am noob in it so plz help me with detailed answer

It’s your game, you need to decide the conditions yourself :slight_smile:
points, timer, number of objects, etc.