Need help making multiplayer game

I’m in the process of making a multiplayer game and have browsed around the forums on here a bit and came across a multiplayer game that involved a client and a server exe, my problem is that these files are completely in french and as a result I do not understand how it works and what I have to do. If anyone could help or point me in the right direction regarding getting a client and server network system working then it would be much appreciated, the game is to support up to as many players as login, all the client will do is send its data to the server which will the update locations on the clients screen of all players online. Players will need to login from the client side, this will then check there username against a file on the server and if correct it will allow them to connect.

Hope you can help.

My suggestion would be first to try and make singleplayer game or “hotseats” multiplayer (two people playing on same computer), then take off with network stuff. Network coding is hard even with such great tool GD is and you’ll banging your head against the wall quite some time. As for comments, you could always use google translate - translation won’t be perfect, but it should give you rough idea what these comments are about.

Though I agree Florian should sit sometime and translate examples to English.

Anyone bilingual (with French + English) could do this… It’s not just down to Florian.

Yeah, but it’s down to him if you want translated examples bundled with GD :wink:.

I gave up on Game Develop for a few days but have found out that the other similar program that I used complicated things that did not need to be complicated. I have a question regarding a game I’m making, the game works fine locally via two clients sending there position however, soon as I try it over the internet It does not work. Does the other person need to port forward as well as myself?