Need help on using Physics2

My little game works fine with the Red and Green balls going straight up every 1.5 and 2 seconds,
then hitting the top line (platform) when they turn left horizontally until they fall into the turning Gear,

It works fine until I apply Physics2 behaviour to these balls, then they no longer do this and instead seem to generate randomly on the screen

My ‘code’ is in screen shot Capture2.

I wanted to include more screen shots but it says new users can only have one.

Have spent many hours trying to correct this, so appreciate your help in what I’m doing wrong.


If you add a physics2 behaviour to an object, you need to move it using physics forces. If you use other methods (like the GDevelop forces you are using), then the results will be random.

Also, remember physics2 has gravity affecting the object.

Physics2 forces and commands have this image: image

GDevelop forces have this image: image

Oh thank you so much MrMen!

I wasn’t even aware of what you pointed out to me.