need help - smooth image, enemy chase, random spawn

hi guys!

  1. is there any way to set smooth the image to “No” by default and not have to change it for every image?

  2. how should i make an enemy AI to chase my player up a ladder if the player is not on the same Y position as the player?

  3. how do i randomly spawn enemies at predefined points and in the same area as the player?
    i was thinking:

    • of making a collision sensor object to know in what area the player is;
    • of making like 4 other spawner objects;
    • if the player collides with sensor object → variable sensor = true;
    • if sensor = true & sensor object collides with spawn object → spawn enemy at random spawn object position;
      sugestion for a better way

i have some experience with gamemaker but i’m a newbie with gdevelop so please be gentle :slight_smile:


  1. there is no way as far as i know

  2. i still don’t know

  3. that method works just fine

    so can anyone help me? i am making a 2d sidescrolling game and i want enemies to chase me up the ladder.

1- (Tested on Windows) You can modify the properties of multiple images at once selecting these images through standard Shift / Ctrl selection, it only works in the Image Bank tab (the big Image Bank window available to open in the Project Manager, NOT the little window attached to some object editors).

2- Sidescroller AI isn’t an easy task…

#2 - That’s a very general question, but one general way to approach that problem is with path nodes and pathfinding (e.g. A*).
Although that’s a very general answer and it is not suited to all games.

new problem.
i’m using 16x16 sprites and even if i set smooth image to no it still looks fuzzy.
is this a bug i’m experiencing? any thoughts?

thanks for your reply!

i wan’t to make like a 2d call of duty zombie mode for android. a couple of rooms, diferent weapons, diferent characters, enemies get stronger with each wave.

for pathfinding i think i’m going to use the same sensor area as the random spawning object.
if enemy not colliding with the same area as the player - > move there
if (enemy y+sprite height of player) < player y → flag the nearest ladder as path node
if enemy reaches that node → flag the bottom of the ladder as a path node
if enemy y = player y → start chasing
if enemy not on screen → enemy destroy & spawn again

how do timers work in gd?