Need help with collisions with 'coins'

I have watched a few tutorials and feel like i have copied the same steps however my total coins remains at 0 even though the coins are destroyed after collision.

any help is appreciated

The “0” indicated next to the coins in the upper left should show the total of coins collected, since it does not, then check the most common errors: 1) that the variable name is the same (that is, that there are no typo states; 2) that the “Text” object is updated when the value of the variable increases.


Hi, you made a typo. Your variable name is ‘coins’ but you call ‘coin’ in your text object.


Generally, to avoid this kind of issues again, put your variable in the list of scene variables so that it shows up in autocomplete so that you just click on it and cannot mistype something.

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thank you i was stuck on this for 30mins +