Need helth with Health Bars and Zooming in/out

Hi everyone, I am trying to make a strategy game so naturally there will be multiple enemy and player objects on the screen. I need each of these characters to have their own health bar.

Also, if I can figure out who to set up a button that can zoom the game in to show details, or zoom out to show overall map it would be really great.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

To get the health bars, you need a sprite object as health bar for each unit, so every unit has its own bar attached, both objects (unit and health bar) with the same “ID” variable to connect them.
Then you can do:

For each object Unit ........Conditions: Variable "ID" of HealthBar is = Variable "ID" of Unit ........Actions: Do = Variable "Health" of Unit to the width of HealthBar
If the health bar is simple (just a straight line of solid color for example), you can use a drawer object, just one drawer for every unit:

For each object Unit ........Conditions: None ........Actions: Draw a line of color 0;255;0 from Unit.X(); Unit.Y() to Unit.X()+Unit.Variable(Health);Unith.Y()

About the zoom, maybe the action to modify the camera zoom factor is all you need :stuck_out_tongue: