Need Suggestion For My Game

I’m making a Disc Room like game where you need to dodge spinning saws in a room.

I need suggestion on what’s the main objective of the game. I’m torn between surviving for a specific time or collecting specific amount of orbs. (every time you collect an orb, it will spawn another to a random location) My first idea is to just survive in a specific time (for ex. 30 seconds) to move to the next room but I think it’s kinda boring and there’s some time that you’ll just standing or stalling in the corner that’s kinda lame. So I decided to try changing it to collecting orb so that you need to go to specific places to get the orb.
Hope someone help me out with this. Thanks!

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Hi, I guess you always have to think of what is the thing that stops you from getting what you want. In the first idea, you need to survive but saws/enemies make this difficult. In the second idea you need to collect orbs, but what is the thing that makes it difficult?
Are they rare, if so, is the journey to get to them going to have some kind of challenge/enemies? And besides making one’s orb score higher, does collecting the orbs give you any special abilities that make finding the next one easier? Or make it easier to avoid enemies etc? I think it would give the game more meaning if there was a reason to collect them.

I like the first idea actually, but I’m sure that both ideas will appeal to different people, but yeah, if you do go with the second one, think about how you will make it difficult for the player. If not enemies, then maybe a time limit.

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Why not have different modes, that the player can select in the main menu?

What if you make the orb a key, and have a door that leads to the next room? If you have a time constraint on the room, add a shorter one on the key, so after 10 seconds it teleports to another part of the room, possibly far away from the player.

Or add an npc who chases the player to avoid the stuck in the corner situaton. Or an npc who also goes for the key.

You could add traps in the room, that need to be avoided (spikes, pads that trigger a flame thrower/projectiles/enemy spawner)

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Actually, my first and second idea have the same amount of saws that will spawn and every x seconds, it will spawn another until it has too much saws that makes it harder and harder. My only issue in just surviving is that you can just stand still or stay in one place. Even when I played it I only do that. That’s why I come up to the orb objective so that the player needs to roam around the room while surviving. It’s kinda same in terms of difficulty for I will try to compare on how much time I can survive to the orb you need to collect.

Good ideas but I want to use only saws (Spinners what I called to my game) but I have different type of Spinners like shooter, random movement, fast, spawner, wall, immovable, teleporter, etc. I also don’t want this to be like roguelike that has a lot of room in one scene. If I will make different rooms, I will do it separate scenes so I can easily copy paste and modify.

My only issue for now is what’s more fun to play. Only surviving for x seconds or having to collect something and get x number of it. Both have same amount of spawned Spinners and will spawn more overtime until it is almost impossible to pass through. By the way, I have dash skill that gives you the ability to pass through the Spinners if you get stuck. To be honest I personally love the orb getting objective so I can have an objective in the room unlike surviving only where I just sat down in one place (mostly in side walls)

You don’t need extra rooms - the door can be a symbol for level completed.

I guess a question to ask is whether this is to be a game that is played for quite awhile, or if it’s going to be a short 5 minutes at a time casual type game. If the latter, maybe aim to have frequent rewards of some type.

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Ahhh, then your second idea definitely sounds the best. You have enemies/obstacles and a goal to work to, sounds good, avoid the death spinners while collecting orbs.

There’s your answer, haha, go for it.

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I want my game feels like Geometry Dash that you have a choice to pick a room (easy, normal, hard, insane, impossible maybe?) the harder the room the harder kind of spinner you will encounter like spawner spinner and shooting spinner. I just thought right now that I can make like a 3 star mechanic where if you reach amount of orbs you’ll get as star that you need to unlock harder rooms. For ex. Easy Room. Objective: 10 orbs - 1 star, 20 orbs - 2 stars, 35 orbs - 3 stars. You only have one life and the room will restart. I’m a fan of Geometry Dash that it’s a hard game and you’ll need to try and try but eventually beat a level. It feels so good to finish a level when you know it’s hard and you’ve spent a lot of time to it.

I realise I’m late to the party, but another option is to combine your two ideas. Make it so that you try to survive as long as possible, but you also need to collect orbs within x seconds after they appear. You could even display a countdown next to each orb to add to the urgency. That prevents you from just standing against a wall the whole time, since if you don’t collect an orb when it appears, you lose.

Other ideas:

  • Have lasers (or similar) that fire intermittently across the room from certain places in the wall
  • Have a saw/laser that sweeps across the room from time to time, either part way across the room (giving you an area to go to avoid it) or all the way but with a ‘safe zone’ that appears that you need to get to
  • Circular saws sticking out of the walls that move up/down/left/right to prevent you standing there too long

Hope that helps.