New section for templates,extensions,tutorials

Hi guys just thinking the forum could add a few more sections (or under 1 section) to categorize these since they really useful things that are just wasted going into the Open topic section where you have to sift through posts which often goes overlooked. You could also label with “Unofficial” for the templates,extensions etc not currently approved if you wished

Someone did suggest this in 2014 but i guess it didn’t gain any traction. I know there is a search bar but this will just make things easier to find.

I mean if the template/extension is good it will get added to GDevelop, if not I don’t think we should give them more advertising on the forum since that would mean they are, like, very bad?

that maybe true but it doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. even looking at what someone does in a example project file can lead you into figuring out how to do something and its not like these things aren’t being posted anyways its just for ease of finding them.

I find adding this section would also aid to reduce the “How to” requests.

Sorry but I disagree. Having a section for that would be basically acknowledging and implicitly support them. They may seem useful, but if they are not added to the repo it is probably for a very good reason. If the “solutions” in those examples/extensions are very fragile/badly made, which is the case if it is rejected from being included in GDevelop, you can be guaranteed that it will break your game at some point and/or cause major performance issues. We do not want to push forward/to “make it easy to find” that kind of examples or extensions and therefore I don’t see why we should make a forum category dedicated to them.

Many “How to” topics could be solved by looking at the engines examples and wiki already, but people do not care about the quality content pushed forward. I don’t see why pushing forward the low quality content would change that.

I added that you could label it unofficial or even community templates etc. that way you can bypass the notion of implicitly supporting community made content call it whatever you want, hell even stick a warning.

We can’t run on the hypothetical idea that these templates etc. are going to break your game and if it does who cares? Badly made? not a problem. You have to let the people make their own choices if they want to use it or not or judge for themselves whether something is useful to them or not. That’s the great thing of open source

Making access easier/harder to things that already exist isn’t going to deter people from searching what they want either why would you want to hinder that anyways

You are talking about going down the idea of legal vs illegal “mods” surely its not something you want to attempt to police if so you would already have these posts removed from the forum which is a big no no,
if you cared about the longevity of the engine and community.

In the end i am simply talking about categorization, and the idea of blowing it into an issue of anything more than that is a waste of time.

At this point, reviewing, approving, and helping extensions and examples get published in the engine is already viewed as needing singular focus and method by the maintainers of those contributor communities. (There are dedicated community teams for such). This is in addition to all of the other reasons mentioned above.

So while I understand the intent behind the ask, I agree with Arthuro that it is likely a pretty solid “no” to adding another forum section rather than people going to the respective githubs to post them.

The extension github is here:

The examples github is here:

The problem is not if it is labelled as official or not, the issue is that if we have such a category, people will go “oh, this is where I am supposed to find examples/I should search here too if I am searching for an example”. We have a list of high quality and peer-reviewed examples and extensions, why make a list of low quality ones?

It’s not an hypothesis that it may break your game, if the example/extension is rejected from the official list it must be heavily flawed or broken in some way.

Why would anyone know better though? Let’s be realistic, people don’t take multiple examples, compare them and judge which one is better (and even if they do they may not know how to measure and judge some factors that they actually care about like performance). People will just take the first example they find and use that. If we have an easy to access list of low quality content next to the high quality one, people will expect both to be of equal value by default and may select one of the low quality one.

I do. I don’t want people to be deceived/have their games, their hard work ruined all because they got served bad content/advice/code on a silver platter, especially when I am working my ass off most of my free time to help review, curate and create quality content for the official extensions/examples galleries.

I am not saying I want to deter people from searching content I am saying that I don’t want to add an uncurated list of low quality content when the community already has a curated list of quality content.

i have already accepted that its not going to happen thank you, you can close this thread

I’ll close this out. Either way I appreciate talking through the thought process.

Long term maybe this can be revisited if the main template/example list no longer becomes the primary “source of truth”, but as of right now it makes the most sense to keep people focused on the singular location.