New to GD, External Events

Hey guys I need some help. I am sort of new to GD, but I am getting a hang of it and have begun work on a new project, it is an RPG. I am trying to create an external event so I can add character movement and health and such to all 100 levels or so that there will be. Any Help or ideas?

GD is for action/platformer/shooter. If you aim RPG style of gameplay, you should get RPG Maker. It might save you years of development.

To answer your quite broad question :

  • skills are new sprite + events.
    First you need to describe what the skill does and look like. Then you can implement it as you would do with a hero sprite. Finally, you call it with a global variable set to 1, which reset itself to 0 after completion.
  • Health is a number
    Use a global variable to store the hero’s health. Then use it whenever you need to update it. To display it on the screen, use a Text Object, to which you assign the value of your global variable.
  • Every x levels
    Like health, you need a global variable to keep track of the hero’s current level. Then you must design an external event to manage the level up (and of course experience gathering).

BTW, RPG is the most difficult type of game to produce. Because of the scale, visual and audio variety, dialogs and possible interactions. You really should drop that kind of project if you’re a beginner.

Thanks for the info but I know what I am getting into, I have pretty well drawn plans, quest lines and many more things, and this will be heavy practice for my next project which will use UDK. I will also have some people helping me with graphics and audio.

On another note you did not really understand my question.

I know the logic of the variables and such but when I am trying to create an external event I can not add any events to it, when I click on add event nothing happens. :3

Also I am using GD because I have to go more in depth of building a framework for my game on top of an engine…RPG Maker just builds everything for you. You don’t really learn much about the inside framework and logic of how the game works. I have been learning c++ the last 3 months and I love working hard with the dirty stuff.

PS: By levels I mean “Scenes”

I would also like to know what an 'External Layout" is and what it is used for.

I’ve just tested, it works fine, are you sure you’re using the latest version ?

Where did you found a reference to external layouts ?
It is a feature that will be integrated in future versions : An external layout will allow to put objects that could then be added to a scene dynamically by using a simple action.
It will have several advantages. Notably, external layouts are very lightweight and so they can be used to create a lot of levels of a game.

Lol, wow
I am using the latest version, I had to trick it into allowing me to add things to the external event. I had to add c++ code and then right click it and click add another event. And the external layout appears on my ribbon. Based on what you described it to be, I can not wait to be able to use it and or test it.

Hey is anyone working on any video tutorials? If not I would like to make a few from what I have learned so far…If that is alright.

For now, there is the possibility to create multiple levels by creating different scenes with the same events ( by using the external events so that you just have to add a link or two to the scene so as to make it work ). But it can make your game heavy ( as the events are duplicated for each level ) and you have to recreate objects/layers for each scene ( As well as common objects like GUI… ).
Thanks to the external layouts, you will be able to create your levels, using these external layouts, and then you’ll just have to create a scene and “load” each level by calling the action to create the objects.

Concerning tutorials, feel free to make any video you want about GD :slight_smile:

Thanks alot for the info again. But one last things, is it possible to use code to generate a whole layout from objects using external events,global objects, and global variables? So if I want a black square(object) to appear at lets say, 500,500 with its normal size, can i create an external event that loads that onto the screen, and then call it from any scene?

Yes, just do as you said : Create an external events with the events you want, then include it to each scene you want using a link event.
You just have to be sure that each scene including the events have the objects the events need.

… or just make global objects whistles

:smiley: yay global