New user questions on exporting

Hey! I’m new to GDevelop and I’m liking it a lot. I had a couple questions about exporting HTML5 games though:
Can I export for use on desktops and not require an internet connection? Is there a way to export my HTML5 game and make it easily executable for anyone I want to send the game to?
I tried making an Android game using Intel XDK and it required a certification that I do not have. How do I get around this?
Can I make HTML5 web apps for phones instead of making a file that requires instillation?

Thanks for any help I can get. I’m coming from Game Maker and really hoping that Gdevelop will be my new (free! open source!) game creation software :smiley:

Hey ! Glad to see you there, and i hope you’ll enjoy Gdevelop :slight_smile: Unfortunately the community is not really active right now, we are few working on big projects but i guess we will have lot more users this summer, like every holidays. Like you, i used to be GM user (an older multimedia softwares), and i really prefer GD, it’s so much faster, and open source ofc !

I can answer some of your questions, even if i’m working only on native platform :

HTML5 compiled games can be executed locally, you just need a (decent/recent) browser to launch the main index.html file generated. To send your game, just send an archive (zip/rar/7z), people would just have to unpack it and play the game by double clicking the “index.html” file.

Hum, i never used it, maybe take a look on intel xdk documentation (or search the forum or wiki :

Yes you can, i’ve tested few Gdevelop games this way on It’s not the most comfortable, because on mobile browser swipe could make the adresse bar appear, or even sound could not work at all, or fullscreen might not be supported (especially on iPhone !). But with few web tricks you can enhance it.

Just would like to add a couple of things:

If you go to the extensions on the left side, you can activate/deactivate native and HTML5 platform on the top and after you can export and preview your project as native game or as HTML5 but keep in mind, native platform works only on Linux and Windows at the moment and many native extensions is not supported by the HTML5 platform.

There is no built-in solution in GDevelop but you can use NW.js to wrap your HTML5 game in to a Windows, Linux or Mac executable for the desktop:

Read the documentation for how to use it to package and distribute a HTML5 app: … istribute/

Thanks for the awesome reply! Yeah the community activeness is what finalized my decision to use GDevelop. A lot of questions look like they receive detailed and friendly answers so I thought I’d probably feel pretty welcome and informed here :smiley:

Yeah I tried opening my game in Chrome and just got a blank grey screen. I opened it in Firefox and it worked, how weird right?

Awesome, I’ll have to take a look at for hosting my game. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!

Awesome, nwjs looks like it’s exactly what I was looking for.