New wavy effect

Basically, I’m thinking of an effect that would make the screen wave left-right in a somewhat sine wave shape. (examples below)
Shoddy Desmos mockup

If you search up Um Jammer Lammy stage 1 awful, you can see the kind of effect I’m after.

Um Jammer Lammy is running on a 3D engine with polygonal transforms possible at a rendering level.

GDevelop is a 2D Engine that can only use basic pixel shaders, so something like that is substantially more difficult. What you might be able to do is find someone who understands how displacement maps are made, and have them make the wavy effect you’re looking for. You can then use that with the displacement layer effect.

The example displacement map on the Wiki may get you close, as a starter: Layer Effects [GDevelop wiki]

(This is not saying no or this request can’t happen, just offering a workaround and explaining why it could be very difficult)

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I see what you mean, is there a way to animate displacement maps? Or would making many displacement maps and swapping between them be better?
(While I think that the version of the effect used in Um Jammer Lammy is a screen effect, I could be mistaken)

You can scale displacement maps up/down on the x or y access, and replace the map image via events. You cannot have multi-frame animations as displacement maps as far as I know.