Newbie help: Change anination for attacking

So im starting using gdevelop and im kinda newbie at it, so i’d appreciate help with a way to change animation of my character to an attack animation depending of the position the character is facing, then changing back to the normal animation when attack is over

thanks in advance

in those pics “d” is my attack button and animation 9 is attack while running and animation 8 is attack while player is stopped. That’s how i solve my problem.


What “trigger once” do?

Some events executes every moment, while game runs. So, “trigger once” makes the event execute just once.

Not totally true, it can lead to confusion :neutral_face:
The “trigger once” condition returns true only the first time that all the other conditions are true, after that at least one condition was false.
So, “Trigger once” returns true each first time all the other conditions are true, I don’t know if it’s very clear :slight_smile: