Nightly builds?

Since GD is now open source, how about setting some sort of automatic build system that would build nightly builds of GD for those who are brave enough to live up with unfinished, bleeding edge version but not skilled enough to compile it themselves?

Of course those builds should be on separate page and clearly marked that they may contain serious bugs and if you can’t put up with that, you should download stable version.

Why I think it would be good for GD? Two reasons:

For GD devs: Bugs in nightly version would be detected quickly and thus next “stable” version would have less bugs or possibly none at all.

For testers/users: Those who want to test new features as they are introduced and are unable to compile GD themselves for whatever reason (be it unable to understand instructions, not wanting to install compilers just for one software or just some compiler f-up in the system that prevents them in doing so, like I have), can do so with those nightly versions.

This would be cool, the best way to achieve this properly would be to have one or more dedicated servers that build GD each time a modification is made (currently, there is already an online service called Travis launching the tests :

Maybe someone have an idea of a service that could have servers to launch GD builds whenever a modification is commited to the source code?

Jenkins? Though I don’t know if it’s Java-specific or if it can support other languages/compilers as well.

Jenkins is a continuous integration software, but it must be installed on a server. :slight_smile:
What I need here is a service like Travis-CI ( that offer build servers for open source projects like GDevelop. Travis-CI is nice, because it fetchs any modification directly from GitHub and do its job on their own servers, but is “only” used to compile and launch the tests.

Here are some other:

And since gdshare is probably going down, couldn’t it be repurposed to serve as a build server?

GDShare is on the same server that the website and the forum, it’s a “simple” web server and I have not a complete control over it.
Thanks for the link, I’ll look if there is any build service here :slight_smile:

Ah, okay. Couldn’t you rent VPS though? Those are dirt cheap, especially at OVH and would be good to set up a build service there.

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