No Logo cheat for free Pls fix

oh yes there is a way to get a loading screen with out your logo and I value Gdevelop so I must tell you. You can change the background to complete white and the logo and loading bar doesn’t show up I just didn’t want anyone cheating the system :slightly_smiling_face: pls tell me if you fix it

Hi I don’t know if this is what you want but you can change the loading screen in Game settings → Properties → Loading screen

I was talking about people cheating the system by not paying a subscription and still getting rid of Gdevelop logo without paying **

you can read the bug that you replied to see what I was talking about because I said nothing about paying or asking how to change the logo so I don’t know what your read


@UlisesFreitas, I think @Untameddevelopment is concerned that people will hide the logo by setting the screen to white. You can’t remove/hide the logo at game load unless you have a subscription, so this is a hack around that restriction.

Not that I think it’s an issue to split hairs over.

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There are many easy methods to get rid of the loading screen and they are semi-intended. GDevelop not being software made for profit first, but for the purpose of empowering its users to make their game ideas come to life, we do not and do not want to limit users in their creativity as much as we can. The subscription is there if you want to either use the services that cost actual money to run (build servers, analytics servers…) more or if you want to support the devs financially so that they can work full time on GDevelop.