No sound on web version?

How do I get sounds to play on the web html5 version? I tried in IE, firfox, and chrome.

What is the format of your sound ?

.ogg format. It’s only allows me to used .ogg or .wav. No MP3 support?

Not all webbrowser supports MP3, so no MP3 support. But ogg and wav should work, your problem is really strange…

What browsers don’t support mp3? .ogg is the odd ball format. I’m on a win system. I thing .ogg is geared towards Mac or Linux. Even my android phone didn’t play any sounds when at the site.
So how do I address this?
I did try uploading a mp3 of one of the files and changed two of the references I found in the .js files, but that didn’t fix it either. Oddly, one of the references was .ogg2 I don’t know what that’s all about, but none of the others did that.
The game works in a exe format, but web based is giving me grief.

I went to this site and my browser does play .ogg format … _audio_all.
I used Audacity to convert my files to .ogg
Is their some kind of limitations of use of ogg? I know MP3 sometimes if the bitrate isn’t right it wont work.

On my side, OGG (from Audacity) works in Firefox and Chrome
WAV works only in Chrome (and Chromium)
None of them works in Internet Explorer :frowning:

Check this project to see if it any different for you: (1.39 MB)

For IE, you can try to put the same sound in mp3 alongside the ogg/wav one. I think GDevelop load it if the first one (ogg/wav) doesn’t work.

Yes, mp3 works in IE (and also Firefox and Chrome) :slight_smile:

Well that worked. IE played mp3, firefox played mp3 and, and chrome did all three.
What the heck do i got going on with my game, hmm.

I Got sound and Music!!!
Apparently their was something that worked on the native version that broke it all for the web. I had developed a volume control and something about loading up initially broke it. I disabled it and it worked. Back to the drawing board.
Now I have to work on getting either mp3 or ogg working depending on browser.
Also, I need to figure out how to stop the music when switching scenes. :slight_smile:.

I have a web version posted up in your game link section. Try it out and let me know what you think. Its my first game. Still in alpha stages, lots of bugs and features to work out yet.

Hi all,

someone know how to use Mp3 instead ogg files?

with off files I have problem with IE browser…

Put the mp3 alongside the ogg file and GDevelop will use it if the webbrowser doesn’t support ogg (so IE only).

Hi Victor,
how to use Mp3 if Gdevlop don’t allow me to load it?
can you help me?

thanks in advance…

You still need to use the ogg in GDevelop. But the game will automatically use the mp3 file if needed.

so, I have to put the mp3 in the same directory manually?